Top 10 Nigerian YouTube Comedians In 2020

top 10 nigerian youtube comedians in 2020
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The beauty of social media is anyone can sell their craft on any of the available platforms and achieve the desired result.

We have previously discussed the top 10 Nigerian instagram comedians in 2020. However, we must note that some of the popular comedians on Instagram are also very popular on YouTube. Here are the top 10 comedians that are currently dominating in 2020:

1. Mark Angel Comedy

Mark Angel comedy is by far the most popular comedy on YouTube. With over 6 million subscribers, Mark Angel and his crew have consistently entertained us with very hilarious skits that we can relate with. However, the selling point of this comedy is our two adorable girls, Emmanuella and Success. Those two are a force to reckon with and it will be our pleasure to see them grow in the industry.

2. Nigerian Comedy Skits

Nigerian Comedy Skits is a YouTube channel that shows hilarious skits from old Nollywood movies. The channel has about 900 thousand subscribers. One of the most hilarious skits are from the popular Aki and Pawpaw movies.

3. Broda Shaggi (Official Broda Shaggi)

Our fine boy Agbero is also balling on YouTube. Born Samuel Animashaun Perry, Broda Shaggi’s skits are the same as those on Instagram. His comedy is all about the daily lifestyle of a typical Nigerian thug. Official Broda Shaggi has over 500 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

4. Xploit Comedy

With over 400 thousand subscribers on YouTube, Xploit comedy has carved a great niche in the comedy industry. Xploit comedy consist of four young men – Brizy, Chizzy, Lankz, and Lenz who began their comedy career from their drama group in church. According to the group, their fans influenced them to post their skits on social media and they haven’t looked back since.

5. Taaoma Apaokagi Maryam

Taaoma is the reigning queen of Nigerian YouTube comedy. The 21-year-old came into the spotlight acting the role of a typical Nigerian mother whose legendary slaps on her daughter makes us roll on the floor with laughter. With over 190 thousand followers, Taaoma has the highest subscribers as a Nigerian comedienne on YouTube.

6. Ayo Ajewole Woliagba – YPM

Our funny prophet is here again. Woli Agba is not new in the comedy industry. He has already dominated Instagram and he is on the way to dominating YouTube as well. Woli currently has over 180 thousand subscribers.

7. Maraji (Maraji’s World)

Dubbed queen of Nigerian Instagram comedy, Gloria Oloruntobi aka Maraji has consistently shown us a female can make a successful comedy career in Nigeria. The queen of Instagram comedy is also on her way to taking over YouTube. She currently has over 180 thousand subscribers.

8. MC Lively

The Osun-born comedian came into the limelight through his funny skits where he plays the role of Agidi who addresses the current issues in Nigeria. MC Lively has over 150 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

9. Mr. Macaroni

Mr. ‘Freaky Freaky, you are doing well, ooin,’ is also doing well on YouTube. Mr. Macaroni has over 130 thousand subscribers.

10. Oluwadolarz (Oluwadolarz Room Of Comedy)

Olamide Ogunleye aka Oluwadolarz began showing his skits on Instagram in 2014. The comedian-cum-musician came into the limelight when he did a remake of Olamide’s song, Science Student. His skits with his younger brother Tope are especially hilarious. Oluwadolarz has over 100 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

These are our top 10 Nigerian YouTube comedians. Who are you top 10 comedians? Let us know in the comment section.

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