LitAfrik.com is a website dedicated to promoting African literature and Nigerian movies. It is a hot bed of creativity, inspiration, education and entertainment. LitAfrik is blessed with three categories:

STORIES: This is a platform designed for readers to be dazzled with the literary prowess of our writers. Here, we write about stories from Africa, in Africa and Africa in diaspora. Writers are encouraged to send in their stories for the readers’ pleasure. Constructive criticisms of these stories are welcome.

MOVIE REVIEWS: Hmm, this one is going to be hot. Get ready to be served hot. We will review Nollywood movies fresh from the cinema and online television platforms, dissecting their stories, acting, styles, techniques, everything. Those that did well we will praise and those that didn’t, we will tear apart! Erm… the reviews will be constructive, of course (wink).

SCREENWRITING: Writing for Nollywood no be beans o. If those who have made it with screenwriting in Nigeria should tell you their stories, eh? Anyway, this category is all about detailing screenwriting experiences in Nigeria and comparing them to their Hollywood counterpart. Hopefully, one struggling Nollywood screenwriter somewhere will get some useful tips and skyrocket to the pinnacle of his or her career.

That’s what LitAfrik is all about. So relax and enjoy all our wonderful contents. Thanks for reading.

My name is Nonyelum Ossai. I’m a Thespian with a Masters Degree in Theatre and Media studies from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. I’m a screenwriter with several produced or yet to be released screenplays to my credit. I love to sing, read (fiction and non-fiction), watch movies and most especially, I LOVE TO WRITE.