Top 10 Africa Magic Lockdown Shows

top 10 lockdown series on africa magic
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Africa Magic is a collection of channels that showcase original programmes from Africa. A brand owned by M-Net, Africa Magic boasts of seven channels such as Africa Magic Family, Africa Magic Urban, Africa Magic showcase, Africa magic Epic, Africa Magic Hausa, Africa Magic Yoruba and Africa Magic Igbo.

Honestly, Africa Magic should be credited for taking Nollywood shows to the next level. We have one of the best platforms to showcase our very entertaining shows.  Here are the top 10 Africa Magic lockdown shows:

1. Big Brother Naija Lockdown

This is the trending show on Africa Magic right now. Big Brother Naija is a reality TV show from the Big Brother franchise where 12 to 21 contestants live in an isolated house together for a period of time and the winner takes home the cash prize and other prizes. For the 2020 Big Brother Naija Lockdown, the winner will take home 30 million naira, a brand new SUV from Innoson Motors, two-bedroom flat, trips to Dubai, Dublin and to watch UEFA Champions league Finale, home appliances, one year supply of Indomie noodles, Munch it chin-chin, Colgate toothpaste and one year supply of Pepsi. Just as the season’s lockdown title, the show is one of the best Africa Magic lockdown shows.

2. Tinsel

Tinsel is Nigeria’s most successful TV show. The show tells the story of two big companies fighting for dominance in Nollywood. Starring big stars like Victor Olaotan, Iretiola Doyle, Linda Ejiofor and others, Tinsel is often praised as a show that revolutionized Nollywood. Tinsel is one of Nigeria’s longest shows with 13 seasons over the span of 10 years.

3. Jemeji

Africa Magic - Jemeji

Jemeji is a story about a young girl who returns to Nigeria for NYSC and was pleasantly surprised to be posted to her father’s village only to quickly discover that her dream was quickly becoming a nightmare. Although, the series has since been concluded, it was re-aired during the coronavirus lockdown mostly due to its popularity. Jemeji remains one of the best shows that ever aired on Nigerian TV.


4. My Flatmates

My Flatmates is a very hilarious comedy about four friends sharing an apartment and hustling daily for a better life for themselves. The cast alone will make you fall from your seat in laughter. The show starrs Bright Okpocha aka Basket Mouth, Steve Onu,  Onyebuchi Ojieh aka Buchi, Emmanuel Ikubese etc. It is definitely one of the best Africa magic lockdown shows.

5. The Johnsons

The Johnsons is a family comedy series that focuses on an average Nigerian family and the challenges they face. The uniqueness of the series stems from the fact each story mirrors what happens in real life especially in the Nigerian middle class families. You can say the show gained its popularity by telling funny but relatable Nigerian family stories. This is why it made our list of best Africa Magic lockdown shows.

6. Hush

Hush is a Nigerian telenovela that tells the story of powerful players of fashion and politics living in Lagos. The show started in 2016 and starrs stars like Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD), Ada Laoye, Okagbue Chris etc. Hush is really a classy series to watch.

7. Battleground

This is the Game of Thrones of Nollywood Africa Magic series. The show tells an intense story about a family whose love was tested in a battle for power after a tragedy struck. The show started in 2017 and it is the perfect series to watch in this lockdown.

8. Halita

Halita is a Nigerian telenovela that shows on Africa Magic family. Set in Northern Nigeria, Halita tells the story of young woman who runs away from her village and an unsuitable suitor only to find herself in another drama with a powerful family in the city. It is a very intriguing series that everyone should watch.

8. Comedy Nites

Comedy Nites is a stand-up comedy show that showcases performances by upcoming comedians. These performances are very new and refreshingly different. The show is hosted by Ik Osakioduwa. If you want to laugh and forget your sorrows in this lockdown, just tune in on this show every Friday night.

9. Brethren

Brethren is a crime thriller that explores crimes in Lagos State, Nigeria. Two adopted brothers grow up living different lives. One turns to crime while the other is a law enforcement officer. Brethren is an action-packed story of love, brotherhood, family and allegiances that are continuously tested. Very perfect for this lockdown.

10. Turn Up Friday With Pepsi

If you are a lover of Nigerian musuc, this show is for you. Turn up Friday With Pepsi is a music party with top DJ’s entertaining us with Naija jams on TV. Sponsored by Pepsi and hosted by Do2tun, the show was designed to be a replacement for clubbing and partying since the coronavirus lockdown has cancelled such outdoor activities. So turn up on friday and enjoy the best of Naija music with a chilled bottle of Pepsi.

Do you agree with our list? What are your top 10 Africa Magic lockdown shows? Tell us at the comment section. Gracias!

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