Hollywood Storylines Are Wack!

Hollywood stories are wack!
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Yeah, you read right. Hollywood storylines are wack! No doubt, Hollywood has greatly improved over the years. CGI particularly has taken the industry to another level. We’ve taken Hollywood to the highest pedestal, making comparisons to other movie industries and found them wanting.

But let’s face it. The American movie industry isn’t perfect either. And one of its glaring aspects of imperfections in the world’s best movie industry is the storylines. Here are why:

1. Increasing lack of originality

Nollywood is not the only industry guilty of copying. Almighty Hollywood is very guilty as well. The industry has entertained us with fresh, original stories such as Titanic, Shawshank Redemption, Harry Potter series, Fast and Furious franchise etc in the past. However, Hollywood movies of recent years have fallen significantly short of originality. It is so bad that the filmmakers have resorted to re-making classics to fill the void. We have seen the live re-makes of Jungle Book, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King etc. Even The Amazing Spider, a re-make of Spider Man is not as good as the original. Some of these remakes are such as Dolittle tanked at the box office. So sad.

2. Increasing lack of varieties of genres

We have enjoyed different classic genres of movies in the past. While we enjoyed super hero comics like Captain America, Spider Man etc, we have also enjoyed Top Gun, Jerry Maguire, A Few Good Men, Mean Girls, Sister Act, Bad Boys, Big Mamma etc. But nowadays, we seem not to see such varieties anymore. Hollywood filmmakers are mostly focusing on showing off sexy-as-hell-in-their-leather-costume superheroes. That is why Marvel Universe’s Avengers franchise, X-Men franchise etc and DC Comics’ Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Badass, Shazam, Justice League are dominating the screen. What happened to the other genres, Hollywood? Are they going into extinction?

3. Making Horrible Sequels

Due to lack of originality, Hollywood seems to be making a lot of sequels. Most of these sequels are nothing like the originals. Some sequels are so horrible that they threaten to spoil our fond memories of the originals. We have box office flops like Hellboy, Independence Day Resurgence, GhostBusters, Glass, The Grudge, Batman and Robin etc. Screenwriters should do better with their Hollywood storylines. What we see these days are mostly annoying.

In conclusion, with the way things are going, time will come when Hollywood will only depend on past glory. Meanwhile, Nollywood should take advantage of that and attract more followership with fresher and more original storylines.

Hollywood storylines are wack! If you don’t agree, let us know in the comment section. If you agree, tell us more reasons why you do. Gracias!

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