The Street Boy Part 6: Overtaking Is Allowed

The Street Boy Part 6: Overtaking Is Allowed
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I didn’t complain again. We continued our normal operations like nothing happened. Oga Bullet kept scamming us. Yet, I kept quiet. I was his loyal second in command.

Then one hot afternoon, I called him on the phone.

“Chuks! Chuks!” He hailed on the other end. “How far, my boy?”

I dey, boss.” I replied cheerfully.

So wetin dey happen?”

“Boss, e get one deal wey done land…”

I told him about it and how my informant wanted to meet just the two of us to conclude the deal. He didn’t want anyone else involved until the deal was closed. Oga Bullet was happy. In his experience, secret deals meant too much money. I could already imagine how he was calculating how to scam us as usual. Give us chicken change and pocket the rest. Mumu!

So the day we were supposed to meet the informant came and Oga Bullet followed me to an uncompleted building in one isolated area. I let him enter first as the oga wey him be. The whole place was empty.

Wey your guy dey na?” He asked me.

“No guy.” I replied coldly and I brought out my gun and shot him dead.

His body was found two days later. The gang thought he was killed by a rival gang. I was automatically made the leader. Our levels changed as we went on more daring and successful operations. We moved like ghosts. No one could catch us. People feared us. They made us prayer points in churches. They condemned us in public but they contracted us in secret to treat the fuck-ups of their enemies. The Police were in our hands. We controlled the streets completely.

I was cooling off in our den when one of my guys came bearing news. Chief Ochiriozuah was in town! I jumped to my feet and demanded more information from the guy. The sweetest news was the old woman wrapper didn’t bring his bodyguards. He came with suspicious looking, old, ugly men like him. The information from his gate man said something was going down later that night.

I gathered the rest of the gang and made our plans. We were going to pay those old idiots a visit. Time for payback for what that man did to me!

Night came, we went to his house. The gate man opened the gate as we arranged. I strangled him quietly to death. I hate snitches. We crept into the house. Nobody was around. Surprised, we started combing the whole place. One of my guys alerted us of a locked door. We forced it open and stormed in, guns drawn. Chief Ochiriozuah and his group were dressed and painted like demons. A naked woman’s headless body was lying in front of them. Her severed head lay in one silver bowl at a corner. We had unknowingly stumbled into an occultic ritual.

“Blood of Jesus!” One of my guys exclaimed, doing the sign of the of the cross. Some also crossed themselves as we all stared at the sight in front of us, stunned.

“Chief Ochirizuah?” I called him in shock.

His jumped in guilt. “Yes?”

“Remember me?”

“Sorry, I don’t know who you are.” He said.

“You took my mother from me.”

“Which mother?”

So the murdering idiot collected other men’s wives like trophies. “Matilda. My mother’s name is Matilda Ugwu.”

His eyes widened as he gasped in shock. If he were oyinbo, I would have said all the blood had drained from his face as he stared at me in recognition.

“You… you must be Chukwuma.” He stammered.

“Oh, she told you about me? I thought the bitch had forgotten me.”

“Hei!” He exclaimed looking around like he was trying to escape.

“Don’t ‘hei’ me o. Today na today. You go hear wii this night.” I stepped towards him.

He stepped back, cowering. “Please, Chukwuma. It was a mistake. How much do you want?”

“Mr. Man, leave money matter. I wan treat your fuck-up first.”

Then I stopped and stared at the head in the silver bowl. My mother’s open mouthed face stared back at me.

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