8 Reasons Why We Love Mark Angel Comedy

* Reasons Why We Love Mark Angel Comedy
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Long before Mark Angel, Ali Baba, the father of stand up comedy, Basket Mouth, AY, Okey Bakassi, I Go Dye, Seyi Law and so on dominated the industry. They left us in stitches all the time. And all who wanted to be in the industry had one dream. To crack jokes in front of a large adoring audience.

However, stand up comedy is a very stiff business in Nigeria. Older players in the industry are still the major players till today, making it really difficult for the younger comedians to compete. Even making skits on the mainstream media was difficult. Comedians who found success in the platform like AY, Basket Mouth and Bovi had the advantage of their popularity in stand up comedy. Social media was becoming acceptable among Nigerians but very few saw the potential of the platform.

Not until Mark Angel and his group took the industry by the storm. They are everywhere. YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram. We really can’t stop laughing at their very funny videos. Mark Angel’s success on social media has proven that a budding comedian doesn’t have to start with stand up comedy to be successful. Right now, Mark Angel comedy claims the top spot with over three million subscribers on YouTube alone. And they don’t seem to slack anytime soon. We don’t want them to. We can’t get enough of their skits. Here are 8 reasons why.

#1. We love kids

That’s right. Remember Kelvin in Home Alone? And Junior in Problem Child? Let’s come back home to Nollywood. Who can forget the mischievious duo, Aki and Pawpaw? Kids are cute. Smart and a little mischievous kids are cuter. And that’s why we love Emmanuella, the 8 year old cutie dearest to our humorous hearts. She is always fun to watch as she is constantly pulling off tricks to the detriment of her uncle and other adults around her. Though her smart mouth can be considered bad manners in real life, but as far as her videos are concerned, they are just funny.

Why we love Mark Angel comedy
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Recently, Mark Angel comedy have included two increasingly popular child comedians, Success and Chukwuemeka. This goes to show in comedy, kids can’t go wrong.

#2. We can relate with their stories.

Yes, other comedians make videos that we can relate with, no doubt. Starting from Ali Baba to Kenny Blaq, the most sought after stand up comedian in Nigeria today, it is no news that comedians are inspired by what is happening around them. Mark Angel comedy is no exception.

#3. We love their simple but very unique stories.

Unlike the big stand ups who are quite limited with trending subjects like cheating couples, police and bribery, politics, religion etc. Mark Angel comedy stem from little experiences we have everyday but tend to overlook. Mark Angel has the knack to turn a small seemingly inconsequential happenings into very hilarious big deals. And we love to watch them because not only do they make us laugh and forget our sorrows but we are surprised that little things like that are actually funny. Maybe they aren’t until Mark Angel makes us laugh about them.

Why we love mark angel comedy
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#4. We love their punchlines.

“This is not my real face o” remains the best punchline in Mark Angels videos and one of the most popular in Nigeria. We can’t seem to have enough of these actors’ punchlines. Denilson Igwe’s “Chineke e!” will leave you rolling on the floor in stitches. There’s always a punchline that stands out in any Mark Angel’s video skits. And we’re always looking forward to them.

Why we love Mark Angel comedy
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#5. The actors are themselves.

Comedians often adopt stage personas totally different from their real selves when they make funny videos. Mark Angel is Mark Angel. Emmanuella is Emmanuella. Denilson Igwe is Denilson Igwe. The same applies to other actors in the group. Of course we know their acts are fiction. But we can’t help but feel they are simply themselves any time we watch them.

#6. The actors are ordinary people like us.

Popular stand up comedians always involve fellow popular comedians in their videos skits. We enjoy these videos. But we are always left with the feeling that it is their thing. However, with Mark Angel comedy, it is our thing because the actors are just regular people we meet on the street. There’s no ‘we’ and ‘them’ in Mark Angel’s videos. It’s all of us.

Why we love Mark Angel comedy
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#7. They understand the market.

It is no news that Nigerians are hard to please. In his interview with Punch, making funny videos wasn’t Mark Angel’s first venture in the entertainment business. But it was definitely the most successful. We know why. The videos are relatively short, simple, targeted at the middle and lower class who form the majority of the Nigerian population. And most importantly, they are very easy to share. That’s why they are everywhere; blogs, social media, television and so on. Mark Angel has codedly involved us in the business, making us share his videos without having to over verbally coerce us into it.

#8. They always create something new.

Quite contrary to a lot of comedians who recycle jokes until they are stale, Mark Angel’s videos are refreshingly new and hilarious. No two videos are the same. We look forward to their videos because we know we will see something new. And so far, we haven’t been disappointed.

Mark Angel comedy is a resounding success, garnering positive reviews everywhere they go. Their fame has gone even beyond Nigeria. Today, Mark Angel has influenced the influx of Nigerian comedy on social media. Gone are the days when a comedian has to depend on stand up comedy or mainstream media to rise to stardom in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. Social media is a great place to start and Mark Angel has paved the way. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to name Mark Angel the king of online comedy.

What else do you love about Mark Angel comedy? Share with us in the comment section. Don’t forget to like and share this post.

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