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From the writer's desk
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Hello guys, it’s been an amazing time with you in our A Corper’s Story series. We’re really grateful for the positive feedback.

We’ve also received comments from our readers asking us to post our stories at least twice a week. Therefore, we’re happy to announce that starting from next week, we shall post our new story twice a week.

So, join us Mondays and Thursdays as we thrill you with this awesome story and captivating episodes. We’re really looking forward to your positive response.

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Meanwhile, here’s an excerpt of our new story, The Intruder, coming up next week. Enjoy!


Tobi was every lady’s dream man and he knew it. Sophisticated, tall, dark, handsome and rich, you would think he hadn’t experienced a single tragedy in his life. But that’s not the case. Having lost his parents at a young age, he was raised by his uncle whose wife and sons hated him with an unwarranted passion.

But all that hatred didn’t stop him from achieving his dream. Right now, he had a lovely wife and children who adored him. He was the CEO one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the country, which he inherited from his late uncle. His uncle had faith in him above his own sons. And he hadn’t disappointed him yet. Life was good and everything in it.

He stood in front his tall mirror in his classy master bedroom. Satisfied about his impeccable appearance, he grabbed his suitcase and headed downstairs to the dining room. His children, eight years old Lara and six years old Nonso, were already having breakfast. They were in their school uniforms. And they were arguing. He smiled.

“Hey, guys.”

They stopped arguing and beamed at him. “Good morning, daddy!”

“Good morning.”

Amaka, his wife entered carrying his breakfast which she set in front of him.

She sat beside him and smiled. “There you go. You’re already dressed for work?”

“Yes, I have a conference call with the Minister of Health and the board members in the office this morning.”

“I hope there’s no problem?”

“No, no problem at all. We’re just going to decide if we can sign a deal with our new product.”

“Oh, okay.” Amaka said and they began to eat.

Tobi looked at his kids. “So guys, what were you arguing about?”

Lara spoke up immediately. “Daddy, I was telling Nonso that it’s good to brush your teeth before eating every morning.”

“No, it’s good to brush your teeth after eating so you will not have a smelly mouth.” Nonso argued.

“Brushing your teeth after eating is bad.” Lara said.

“No, it’s not bad.” Nonso countered.

“You don’t know anything.” Lara shot at her brother.

“It’s you that don’t know anything.” Nonso shot back.

“Stop it both of you.” Tobi intervened. “It’s bad to argue during your breakfast. Now eat.”

“Okay, daddy.” Lara said. “But please tell Nonso to brush before he eats breakfast.”

“No, daddy. Tell Lara to brush after she eats breakfast.” Nonso countered again.

“It’s brush before eating.” Lara argued.

“No, it’s brush after eating.” Nonso refused to agree.



Tobi looked helplessly at his wife. Amaka snorted at him. “Don’t look at me. They’re your kids.”

While Amaka went to drop the kids at school before going to work, Tobi drove to his office. As soon as he stepped into the building, “good morning, sir” “good morning, sir” rained all over the place from his employees. He simply nodded to them and went to his office.

His secretary was already on desk.

“Good morning, sir.”

“Good morning, Andy.”

“Sir, a call came for you from the Managing Director of Pharmex Limited earlier.”

“Alright. What about the board members?”

“They’re waiting for you at the board room.”

Tobi nodded and went to his door. Then he paused and looked back, suddenly disturbed. The secretary had gone back to typing on the computer. The other employees were minding their business. Everything appeared normal. But he couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was following him.



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