Vanquished Episode 5: Sunny And The Gang

Vanquished Episode 5: Sunny And The Gang
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Ben and Agnes were watching a late night program on TV when they heard the doorbell ring. They exchanged puzzled glances.

“Who could be visiting by this time of the night?” Ben asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s Audu. Let me check.” Agnes replied and rose.

“Don’t open the door until you’re sure it’s him.” Ben cautioned her as she went to answer the door.

“Who is that?” Agnes asked as she got to the front door.

“Madam, na me, Audu.” Audu, the gateman answered behind the closed door. Agnes sighed in relief and opened the door to reveal Audu staring at her.

“Sorry, Madam.” Audu said in a trembling voice. Before she could ask him why, a pop sound came from the back of his head and he collapsed on the floor to show Sunny and his gang pointing their guns directly at her.

Agnes gasped and stepped back. They entered the living room. Ben immediately stood up, stunned and the gang  pinned him on the floor with their guns. He tried to resist but one of the gangs hit him on the head with the butt of a gun. Blood gushed out. Agnes screamed.

Ify immediately woke up from her sleep as she heard her mother’s scream.

“Mummy?” She whispered in alarm.

She jumped out of the bed, put on her night robe, rushed out of the room, down the stairs to the waiting guns of Sunny and his gang. Her mother screamed again on seeing her.

“Ify!” Her father called in panic.

“Daddy!” Ify replied in the same tone.

Sunny slowly approached her, sneering lustfully at her. Ify stepped back in fright and disgust and he kept approaching until he had her cornered to the wall.

“ ‘ello bae. How you doin?” He said in his ajekpako American accent.

Ify didn’t reply. She was trying really hard not to gag at his pungent alcohol and cigarette or possibly cannabis smell.

“Fine girl.” He said again, the disgusting leer still on his face.

“What do you want?” Ben asked from the floor.

Sunny spared a glance at Ben and returned his full gaze on Ify. “Jamb question. No worry, I go answer you. But first make I face your fine daughter small.”

“What do you want?” Ify asked, trying to sound brave even though her heart was already on the floor with fear.

Sunny laughed. “Another jamb question. Like father, like daughter. Anyway, the thing be say we come in peace. We no want wahala. So make una jejely bring out all the money and other things wey go fetch us serious money. Pack all of them bring am for here.”

“We don’t have any money. Please leave us alone. We’re simple people.” Ben pleaded.

Sunny laughed again. “You be simple people naim una day stay for this kain house? Tory. Oga, if you like your life and your wife life, plus including this your fine daughter, better cooperate. You dey hear me so?”

“Fine. Take whatever you want and leave us alone.”

Sunny signaled the two members of the gang holding Ben down. They forced him to his feet and pushed him up the stairs while they followed. Sunny and the rest of the gang stayed behind to place Ify and Agnes at gun point.

Moments later, Ben came downstairs with the two guys following closely behind. This time they were carrying heavy bags which they dumped in front of Sunny. Sunny opened to bags to show some bundles of money, expensive clothes and jewelries. Agnes and Ify winced when they saw the clothes and jewelries and looked away. Sunny closed the bags, smiling in satisfaction.

“You’ve taken all our valuables. Please leave us alone.” Ben pleaded.

Sunny wasn’t listening. He was staring at Ify and licking his lips. Ify looked away, trying to hide her fear of the lust clearly written in his eyes.

Sunny traced her face with his fingers. “Fine babe. Omo, see fresh skin. Babe, make I collect ‘small something’ for the road.”

“Take your filthy fingers off me.” She said in between clenched teeth. Sunny chuckled. But he didn’t take his hands off. Instead, his hand kept traveling from her face down to her neck and then to her breasts. Ify tried to squirm away but she was trapped between him and the wall.

“Don’t touch her!” Ben thundered.

Agnes, who had been sobbing quietly, suddenly broke free and lunged towards Sunny. He turned and backhanded her, sending her flying and painfully hitting the floor.

“Mummy!” Ify screamed and kicked Sunny. He jumped back narrowly missing her kick on his groin. She tried to get away but her grabbed her back. She attacked but her backhanded her sending her landing face down on the floor.

Suddenly, something in her snapped. Ify could feel a strange power possessing her. Her face were dead cold, her senses more heightened and her vision were vividly green and sharp. If she could see herself in the mirror, she could say her eyes were raging with green fire.

Oblivious to what was happening, Sunny was already unbuckling his belt as he approached her from behind, ready for action. Ify smiled, her heightened senses hearing his approach. Bring it, bitch. She thought and waited. Sunny grabbed her ass and she suddenly threw her head back and hit him squarely in the face. He screamed and jumped back, holding his bloody nose. In a flash, she attacked him, front, back and center. In a few seconds, Sunny was flat on the floor with gruesome injuries disfiguring his body. The other gang members stared at their boss who was lying motionless on the floor. They stared Ify. Time stood still for what seemed like forever which in reality was only a few seconds. Then, they began to attack her at once.

Ify attacked them using anything she could lay her hands on as a weapon. She hit the first thug and he crashed on the TV and passed out. The second thug was lifted in the air and crashed heavily on the glass center table. Ify seized the third thug’s gun and shot him in the belly and shot the fourth thug on his leg at the same time. She banged the fifth thug’s head severally on the wall and he slid limply down to the floor. Then she knocked out the sixth thug with a stool.

By this time, Sunny woke up to see all members of his gang on the floor with various wounds. Panicked, he tried to crawl painfully to the exit to escape but Ify leapt and banged his face on the floor. He passed out again. She remained on top of him, her knees on his back and her hand wrapped at the back of his neck while she stared intently into space.

“Ify?” Agnes frightened voice called her. Ify’s eyes immediately cleared and she got up from the unconscious man beneath her, confused. She turned to her parents. They were staring at her like she was an alien.

“What happened?” She asked.

“We don’t know. Why didn’t you tell us you were taking Kung-Fu lessons?” Her father asked, stunned.

“I don’t understand.”

Later, the police were called and they arrived and carried the gang away in stretchers. Sunny who had somehow woken up was screaming, “Witch! Demon! Ogbanje! Witch o!”

They ignored him and carried him away. Tony drove in a few minutes later. He jumped out of his car and hugged Ify tight in relief. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. So glad to see you.” Ify replied, smiling in his arms. “What are you doing here? It’s late.”

“I called you earlier but your mom picked the call and told me you were robbed. I was so worried.”

“We’re fine thank God. Those yeye robbers didn’t succeed.”

“That’s because you stopped them.” Her mother said.

“You, stopped them?” Tony asked Ify, surprised.

“My dear, we can’t explain. All we know was they were attacking us. They next thing we knew was Ify attacked and finished them. I can’t still explain how she did it. Ify, is there something you’re hiding from us?” Ben asked.

“Nothing. Honestly, I can’t remember what happened. All I remember was their boss slapped mummy and tried to rape me–”

“He what?” Tony asked, shocked.

“Don’t worry. He didn’t succeed.” Agnes assured him.

“Anyway, the rest is still a blur.” Ify continued, “I went totally blank. By the time I realized myself, those idiots were all over the floor with injuries and blood scattered everywhere.”

“Wow, that’s interesting.” Tony said. “But how–”

“Good evening.” An officer greeted them. They returned his greetings.

“My name is Officer Ugwu. I’m in charge of this operation. I hope you all are alright?”

“Yes, officer.” They replied.

“Good. We need you all to come to the station with us.”

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