Top 10 Nigerian Comedians On Instagram And Other Social Media 2018

Top 10 Nigerian Comedians On Social Media 2018
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With the likes of Ali Baba, Basket Mouth, I Go Die and others occupying stand up comedy throne, a new crop of outstanding talents are all over the social media. Ordinarily, these young talents would have been wasted on queuing for shows. But they are out there on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat expressing themselves and getting the accolades they deserve.

Today, we’re picking the top ten Nigerian comedians on Instagram and other social media and they are:

1. Mark Angel

Mark Angel is indisputably the king of Nigeria comedy on social media. With over 3 million subscribers on YouTube, 5 million followers on Facebook and 800k followers on Instagram, Mark has made an indelible mark in the Nigerian comedy industry. His hilarious skits touches on everyday issues in the society. But his greatest selling point is using kids such as our darling Emmanuella, Chukwuemeka and the latest addition, Success, to showcase how foolish adults can be sometimes.

2. Craze Clown

Emmanuel Ogbonna popularly known as Craze Clown is a very hilarious comedian on Instagram. Crazy Clown makes us laugh by playing a traditional old Yoruba man who always tries to outsmart his mischievous son, Ade. Craze Clown is actually a medical doctor who discovered his talents early while he was in school. He currently has over 2 million followers on Instagram.

3. Lasisi Elenu

That’s the angry guy who is always ranting on Instagram. He uses Snapchat filter to alter his looks. Combined with his rants, the over all effects will throw you off your seat with laughter. How Lasisi manages to rant on serious issues and still make us laugh our heads off remains a mystery that only he understands. His signature line is, “Hello Everybody, Lasisi is here again and something just happened right now.” He currently controls 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Not bad, huh?

4. Wole Agba

Ayo Ajewole aka Wole Agba started his career in comedy as part of the very popular Alfa Sule group. He went his own way and made a name for himself on Instagram comedy skits. His selling point is religion which is a very common topic in Nigeria. Wole Agba has over a million followers on Instagram.

5. Maraji

Gloria Oloruntobi also known as Maraji is a multi talented comedian. She’s an actor, a dancer and very accomplished in lip syncing among others. This girl is just in her early twenties and already she’s on everyone’s lips. Her outstanding talent in effortlessly weaving through different roles in a short skit is truly something to be admired. Maraji has 1 million followers on Instagram sealing her place as the queen of Instagram comedy.

6. Josh2funny

Cross dressing has become a popular trend in Nigerian social media comedy. Josh Alfred also known as Josh2funny is one of the pioneers of this funny trend. He plays the role of a typical Nigerian woman. His dressing and man-trying-to-sound-like-a-woman tone are so hilarious. Josh2funny controls more than 800k followers on Instagram.

7. Wofai Ifada

Like Maraji, Wofai is an accomplished comedienne and actor. It’s not easy being a female comedian in the male dominated industry but this young lady manages to hold her own. Her talents have been widely recognized so much so that she was featured in Falz and Ycee’s Something Light alongside Maraji. Wofai has over 700k followers on Instagram. Go, girl!

8. Twyse

Again, like Maraji, Twyse is widely known for his hilarious acting skills in multiple roles. His unique skills have given him numerous opportunities to work with notable celebrities like Falz. Twyse has over 600k followers on Instagram.

9. Xploit Comedy

This hilarious group consists of Brizzy, Chizzy, Lantz, Lenzi and others. They started from a church drama group and grew to become the sensation they are today. Their most notable skits are derived from topics that are trending at a time. Currently, Xploit Comedy has over 400k followers on Facebook, 100k subscribers on YouTube and 500k followers on Instagram. Talk about doing exploits in Nigerian comedy.

10. Oluwakaponeski

Oluwatobi Onibatedo aka Oluwakaponeski graced Instagram with his cross dressing comedy skills. Like Josh2funny, he is one of the leading cross dressing actors in Nigerian social media comedy. His notable skills have brought him various endorsements from big brands like Google. He now has over 200k followers on Instagram.





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