Movie Review: Mr. Not So Perfect (2017)


Mr. Not So Perfect is a romantic comedy from ROK Studios. You can watch it on Iroko TV.

The movie centers on the things ladies go through all in the name of love and marriage.  The economy is bad. Guys’ got to hustle. But must you scam vulnerable ladies because you’re a ‘fine boy’, every lady’s dream man, using marriage proposals and leaving ‘a trail of broken hearts and broken women’?

That being said, let’s go ahead and talk about the upsides and downsides of the movie.


I’m a screenwriter and I know that the first selling point of any movie is the storyline. Mr. Not So Perfect‘s storyline may not be original, but it is on point, very simple, interesting and educative. The beginning is catchy. There is no dull moment. The story flowed smoothly and you are left always eager to know what happens next. The take home lesson is, ladies be careful out there. Not every ‘fine boy’ is real. Guys are not smiling.

The acting is also great, most especially the main cast. Yvonne Jegede did not disappoint. Alex Ekubo did justice to his role. I love Uche Oduputa’s blend of sophistication and local guy. But the person I love the most is Oma Nnadi. You know that type of friend that can be a pain in your ass but she’s always looking out for you.

The dialogue is wow! It is witty, fast, clean and appropriate for every scene. In fact, the dialogue got me interested in the movie. I think it is the biggest selling point in the movie. The cast’s diction is perfect. No faking British and American accent. Just classy educated Naija accent. Kudos to the screenwriter for making the characters so real.

The costumes are perfect. Not like those Nollywood movies where the casts are overdressed for the scenes to show off their fashion sense.

On the technical side, the video quality is good. The scene transitions are on fleek. I love the arial presentation of the city. It made Lagos look like London.


The first downside of Mr. Not So Perfect is the voice over. If you’ve seen the movie, you will agree that the voice over is very unnecessary. The movie could have done better without it.  Like Kene says, narrators are annoying. Just let the movie play out. Again, I don’t see why you can’t finish what you’ve started. The movie starts with a voice over. It is expected that it will end with a voice over. That did not happen which is very bad because it spoils the creativity of the movie.

The acting, as stated earlier, is great. But some of the actors could have done better. David Obiala hasn’t fully developed into his character. The man that played a police officer looks like he is annoyed with the director for giving him a minor role. Yvonne, it’s ‘back the [f***] off’, not ‘back the [f***] up’.

Nollywood movies are notorious for ending their last scenes terribly. Even some of our big budget movies are guilty of this. Mr. Not So Perfect is no exception. I’m sure the last scene looked good on paper. But what is on the screen is shoddy and disappointing considering the interesting display from the previous scenes. It started well but at the very last minute, the pace feels dull, rushed and uncoordinated.

Finally, on a scale of 1-10, I rate the movie a 6. It isn’t perfect, but I love the simplicity and creativity.

PS – I don’t know about you but I’m really tired of watching Alex Ekubo always playing the same play boy role all the time. Alex abeg na, find another role.

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