The Intruder Episode 3: The Fight

The Intruder
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Amaka turned angrily to her husband. “I can’t believe you sold illegal drugs in the company.”

“I didn’t. Mr. Martins did, without the company’s knowledge. We found out and made him sign a non-disclosure and fired him.  I thought we buried it. I don’t know how Anita dug it up again.” Tobi explained.

“Ok, it’s not your fault. This is actually good news. That evil woman has nothing on you. Even if she exposes the evidence, you can defend yourself and walk free, right?” She asked hopefully.

Tobi grimaced in shame. “It’s not that simple. The truth is the crime was committed under the company’s name. and I’m the owner of the company. You’ve seen the news. The government is shutting down companies because of banned drugs. Not only will they shut down our company, they will indict me for the crime. Anita is right. If that file gets out, I’m finished.”

“Oh my God, what are we going to do?”

Tobi screwed his face up like he swallowed a hard ball of fufu. “I think we should let her stay.”


“For a while.” He quickly explained. “Let her calm down. Then, we’ll settle her and send her away.”

Amaka scoffed. “You think she will just accept settlement? What if she wants something more?”

“Let me try this one first. I know her. She’s not really as bad as you think. I believe she will agree to a settlement.”

Amaka remained skeptical but she let it go. “Fine. What are we going to tell the kids?”

“We can tell them she’s my distant cousin who has come to stay with us for a while.”

Amaka sighed, suddenly exhausted. Tobi held her shoulders and looked earnestly into her eyes. “I’m so sorry. I caused this. Give me time to sort it out. Everything will be fine. I promise.”

She nodded but kept quiet. Later, when Tobi had gone back to their room to think about what to do, she went and knocked on the door of the room that Anita occupied.

Then she entered without waiting for an invitation. Anita was arranging her things in the wardrobe and whistling happily to herself. She didn’t even acknowledge her presence. The attitude angered Amaka but she held her temper.

She cleared her throat and spoke gently. “Hi, I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through. I am a woman like you. And I understand that need to lash out and hurt the man who broke your heart. Believe me, I understand. But please, can you find it in your heart to forgive him? If you continue your revenge, you won’t only hurt Tobi, you will hurt an innocent woman and her children. Please, think about it.”

Anita stopped arranging her things and faced her. “Did you have a boyfriend before you met Tobi?”


“Did you get pregnant for him and he forced you to get rid of it?”


“Did he dump you after you’ve dated for years?”


“Then you don’t understand anything. Get out of my room.”

Amaka winced at the insult. It was on the tip of her tongue to tell Anita to get out of her house. Then she thought of the massive quarrel that would follow. And the kids. So, she held and tongue and left the room.

The children woke up for breakfast and saw Anita. Typical of kids, they didn’t waste time asking who she was.

“I’m your second mummy.” She replied.

“She’s my distant cousin who came to stay with us for a little while.” Tobi explained to the kids, glaring at her.

Anita chuckled. “A little while? We’ll see about that.”

Throughout the day, the tension in the house was so thick it could be cut with a sharp knife. Anita paraded herself as the madam of the house. Tobi and Amaka tried their best to ignore her. They avoided her like a plague and tried to pretend that she didn’t exist which angered Anita more and made her use every opportunity to rob her unwelcome presence in their faces.

But they ignored her for the sake of the kids.

Then at night, it was bed time. The kids had been tucked into bed. Tobi and Amaka had retired to their room. They were about to sleep when Anita walked in uninvited. She was wearing a nightwear that left nothing to the imagination.

Tobi sat up in surprise. “Do you need something?”

“I want to sleep.” She replied nonchalantly.

“Ok, what are you doing here then?”

“This is my room. I want to sleep here, with you, my husband.”

Amaka’s face changed from surprise to anger. “Excuse me?”

Anita blinked at her. “What? Is it not my right to sleep with my husband?”

“You must be crazy.”

“Yes, I’m crazy in love.” Anita replied sweetly.

Amaka’s anger was getting to the boiling point. Tobi quickly intervened. “Anita, please don’t start a fight. Go back to your room.”

“This is my room.” She insisted.

Amaka couldn’t take it anymore. “Look madam, you rudely walked into my home, declared my husband a murderer, blackmailed him, occupied a room without our permission and pranced about like you own this house. Yet, we kept quiet. Now, you’re here trying to sleep with my husband in my presence. I will not take this nonsense from you. Get out of my room before I do something you will regret.”

Anita laughed hysterically. “Look at this yeye woman forming Margaret Thatcher. In your mind now, you’re a virtuous woman. Let me tell you, before you came into the picture, I was Tobi’s first lady. I’m sure if he didn’t have money, you wouldn’t have married him. Pretender. Gold digger. Ashawo…”

“Hey!” Tobi interrupted angrily. “That’s enough, Anita. I will not have you insult my wife. Amaka is my wife and you must respect her or I kick you out of my house.”

“Before you do that, remember there’s a little file hanging over your head.”

“Insult my wife again and I will tell you what you will do with your file. Are you mad?”

She snapped. “Eh, hold it there. Who gave you the impudence to talk to me? You’re lucky I still like you otherwise I will show you exactly what I want to do with that file. Look at you. After the way you used and dumped me, what did you expect?”

Amaka scoffed. “Oh please, stop this stupid drama. The way I understand it, Tobi didn’t tie you to his bed. It was a mutual consent. Yes, what he did was wrong but you could have walked away. But you didn’t. You chose to stay and what happened, happened. So, instead of standing here and acting all victim, blame yourself being so cheap.”

That earned her a hot slap from Anita. “Shut up, you slut!”

Amaka returned the slap and civil war started. Tobi tried to separate them but quickly learned that not even Samson could separate two very angry fighting women. The fight spilled out of the room to the corridor, waking the children.

“Mummy!” They screamed when they saw their mum tangling with their new Auntie as if they were in a Wrestlemania ring. Tobi quickly took them back to their rooms to calm them.

The women continued their Mortal Kombat fight. They almost rolled on the staircase but for Tobi who finally succeeded in separating them. He carried his furiously kicking wife back to their room and locked the door.

Anita knocked furiously and shouted, gingering for another fight. But they ignored her. She went back to her room and paced the floor, fuming. How dare her! And Tobi? After all she had done for him, he supported her! If they thought they would frustrate her out of the house, they should think again!

She picked a phone and made a call. “Hello, it’s me. Yes, I’m in his house. I just had a fight with his wife. It’s time to get rid of that bitch!”

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