Flash Story: Benz

Flash Story: Benz
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“So, you’re going to see him today.”

Ella stood in front of the long mirror in the small bedroom she shared with her younger sister, Amanda. At just 23, she looked like just those Instagram models, except in her case, her voluptuous body was all natural. And she never failed to show off her endowments. Right now, she wore a short, tight gown that showed off her curves.

She finished applying her make-up and preened in front of the mirror, loving her stunning looks while Amanda sat on the bed and admired her.

“Yes.” She replied Amanda, beaming. “I’m going to see the love of my life.”

“Love kwa?” Amanda said, raising her eyebrows in surprise. “Ella, you’re meeting this guy for the first time.”

Ella shrugged. She was very popular on Facebook and Instagram due to her curvy body she loved to flaunt online. Messages from her admirers filled her inbox everyday. At first, she replied. After all, she was having fun. But she got tired and stopped replying. It didn’t stop her from posting pictures, though. She loved to see thousands of likes and comments.

She was bored, one day, and decided to go through her inbox. One guy’s messages intrigued her. There wasn’t anything special about them, only ‘hi’, ‘hello’, ‘good morning’, that he sent once in a while. Feeling reckless, she sent him a hello message. A few minutes later, he replied and they began to chat. Things quickly moved from there, they exchanged contacts, did video calls and before she could say “Facebook!” she was in love.

Since then, it had been love made in online heaven. They chatted and called constantly over the phone. Kenny, that was his name, was a perfect gentleman. He never asked her for nudes or anything else that made her uncomfortable. Instead, he went out of his way to make her laugh and feel good about herself. He was handsome, sweet, in fact, everything she ever wanted in a guy.

Two months after they began dating online, they had never met even though they lived in the same city. Any time he wanted to meet, she kept putting it off with excuses. It wasn’t like she didn’t want to see him. She didn’t want to lose the romantic fantasy. As far he was distant, he was perfect. She didn’t want to be disappointed. But after much persuasions, she relented. They agreed to meet a fast food restaurant.

“Me I don’t believe in internet dating o.” Amanda said.

“Amanda, people meet their life partners on the internet.”

“I’m just saying.” Amanda said. “Go and come back and tell me how this love of your life looks like.”

“I will. I can’t wait to see his handsome face.”

“People can fake their pictures online eh. But this your guy is fine sha. I hope he’s fine like this in real life.”

“My Kenny is not fake. We’ve been doing video calls.”

Her mother’s singing voice rang out. Ella immediately went and tied wrapper to cover up her sexy wear. Thank God she hadn’t styled her hair yet. Her mother entered and stared at her face.

“This one you’re wearing make-up, are you going out?”

“No, mummy. I bought the make-up yesterday. I just want to see how it looks on my face.”

“Okay. Once you finish cooking, put my food in a flask. I don’t want to eat cold food when I come back. I’m going for prayer meeting. From there, I will go and visit mama Eliza. Eliza is dead.”

“Jesus!” Both girls exclaimed in shock.

“Hmm, it’s not a small thing. Anytime I tell you girls to be careful around these yahoo boys carrying Benz up and down, you will say I’m analogue. You see what has happened to Eliza. She was following one boy with Benz, ofu Benze a. He cut off her breasts and womanhood and dumped her on the main road. Please my daughters, be careful around these boys. Bikonu I beg you, be careful.” The woman left.

Amanda stared at Ella in dread. “Do you still want to see Kenny?”

Ella snorted in anger, masking her sudden fear. “Did I tell you he has Benz? All these girls that met their husbands on Facebook, do they have two heads? Why should my own be different. Don’t pour sand in my garri, abeg.

Later, she went to the fast food restaurant. She was so nervous. She so didn’t want him to disappoint her and her, him.

“Ella?” A deep male voice said behind her.

She turned. O.M.G was the first thing in her head. Those pictures on Facebook and Instagram didn’t do him justice. He was everything she imagined him to look like in real life and more. Hot, hot, hot!

He smiled at her. “You look amazing. You’re more beautiful than your pictures.”

“I was saying the same thing… in my head.” She replied.

He laughed. “This place is too hot. Their AC is not working. Let’s go somewhere else. I know a very nice place you will like.”

Another nice place, ke? She thought, suddenly remembering her mother’s story.

 Kenny gave her a reassuring smile, reading her. “Don’t worry, it’s public. You’re safe with me.”

She smiled back and followed him to the parking lot. She stopped, confused. “What’s that?”

“That’s my car.”

Her jaw dropped. “You didn’t tell me you drive a Benz.”

He smiled proudly at his car. “Oh, did I not tell you? I’m a successful businessman. This Benz is one of my c… Ella?”

Ella wasn’t there with him. She was on the other side of the road, clutching her shoes and bag and running as fast as her legs could carry her.










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