Amara episode 7: The Girl Fades Away

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They rush her to the hospital where Ayo is quickly summoned. Again, she doesn’t die. She bitterly refuses to speak to anyone, especially Ayo. She merely stares through the wall at whatever only her eyes can see. These days, the girl appears to her, the younger and happier version of herself. Amara desperately tries to reach her.  She imagines what that girl could have been had she chosen a different path. Definitely, not this bitter woman lying on a narrow hospital bed wishing for death.

Desperate, Ayo does what he thought he would never do in his entire life. He runs to Aunty Ifeoma for help. His wife is slipping before his eyes and he needs all the help he can get. Aunty Ifeoma takes one look at her once beloved maid and insists that Amara must be taken to her house to recover. Ayo does not object.

Aunty Ifeoma’s home is heaven. The serene environment soothes Amara’s damaged heart. She gradually begins to regain some of her lively spirits. But when her Aunty suggests that it’s time to see her children, she recoils. How can she face her children when she has failed them? When she murdered their brother or sister? No, she doesn’t want to go down that guilt trip again. Her Aunty gently persists and she reluctantly agrees.

As soon as the kids run into her arms, her all her trepidations disappear. She holds them and weeps gratefully. They are her babies after all, her miracles. She will never let them go. If they can forgive her in their innocence, she has to learn to forgive herself.

Ayo is another matter. She hasn’t seen him since she left the hospital. She knows he visits everyday but her Aunty always turns him away. Aunty Ifeoma has never liked him in the first place. In her present frame of mind, it was fine. She also knows he is sorry but she doesn’t care. She doesn’t want him near her. He is poison.

As the days pass, she begins to notice her Aunty’s antagonism slowly melt like butter. She can see it in her Aunty’s account of his visit, subtly highlighting his wonderful conducts. Of course, Aunty Ifeoma doesn’t openly tell her to forgive him but her intentions are clear enough. The girl appears to her now but only in a fading distance. To Amara, it is a sign. She will never have her back but she will make the best of what is left of her now.

She goes to meet Ayo in the living room. He stands as she enters. They stare at each other silently. The sight of him pierces her heart. She has expected a remorseful man but the man in front of her is broken, emaciated, haggard and staring at her with pleading eyes.

They keep staring at each other for what seems an eternity, but in reality lasted for a few seconds.

Finally, he clears his throat and speaks, “I have finally started my music. I composed a song for you. Will you like to hear it?”

“Yes,” she replied softly, “I’ll like to hear it.”

She settles down on a couch while he brings out his guitar and plays her one of those songs that reach the part of her heart where the flame of her love for him still flickers.


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